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герб Tuapse


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About Tuapse

Population: 63 ths
Founded: 1838
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 2748

Tuapse is the resort town in Krasnodar region. It’s located on east coast of the Black Sea, between mouths of Pauk and Tuapse Rivers, 139 km to the West from Krasnodar.

The moist subtropical climate is favorable to rest and treatment. It’s worthy of note that woods occupy 9/10 of territory of Tuapse. However, the tourist branch in Tuapse isn't so well developed.

Primorsky Boulevard is very popular among both city residents and city visitors. There is an interesting architectural construction resembling Chupa-Chups on the embankment. This is the pilot office of Tuapse seaport.

The parkway with plane-trees located on Karl Marx Street isn't less attractive. As for Galina Petrova Pedestrian Street, it’s good not only for walks, but also for shopping as there are a large number of shops here.

The city park is more than one decade old. This smart park with exotic flowers attracts not only town dweller but also tourists. There is the best music venue of the town in the park where various important events (such as concerts of popstars, beauty contests, wits & humour competitions and others) are held.

Outskirts of the town aren’t less popular among tourists. There are megaliths belonging to the Bronze Age and Kiselyov cliff here.

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