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герб Goryachy Klyuch

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About Goryachy Klyuch

Population: 33 ths
Founded: 1868
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 384

The town of Goryachy Klyuch (Thermal Spring) is located on the Psekups River, 65 km to the South from Krasnodar. This is the oldest balneotherapeutic health resort t in the Caucasus.

An arch and a pitcher with water following out of it are depicted on a municipal coat of arms of the town. This symbol was made of stone in 2004: the arch with pouring pitcher was built at an entrance to Town Park to the 140th anniversary of the resort.

However, this is not the only anniversary arch in Goryachy Klyuch. The very first of them appeared in 1914, to the 50th anniversary of the resort town. Figures of lions leaning on prostrate wild boars were fixed up at the bottom of columns. One more triumphal arch was erected at the entrance to Mountain Park in 2009.

Goryachy Klyuch is famous for the mineral waters. Iversky Spring, one of the famous curative springs, had been at the bottom of the Abadzekhsky Mountain and had worked till twentieth of the 20th century. Holy water from this spring was taken not only by locals, but also by palmers. But the water in the spring came to the end because of shift of mountain layers. Only a construction in the shape of a sea shell reminds now about the holy spring. The chapel in honor of Iveron icon of the Mother of God was built near the Iversky spring in the second half of the 19th century. The chapel had been forgotten for a long time, but recently it was reconstructed in original state. The acathistus is weekly carried out here.

One more interesting architectural sight, the fortress belonging to 9-12th centuries, is located on the southwest outskirt of Goryachy Klyuch, on the Petushok Mountain. This fortress is not so big, only 120 sq.m. Back filling stones of walls remained from the fortress. Also nearby it is possible to find the remains of catacombs, the stone burials.

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