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герб Timashevsk


Фотографии многоквартирных домов, общественных и административных зданий и достопримечательностей

About Timashevsk

Population: 53 ths
Founded: 1794
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 340

The town of Timashevsk is located on the bank of Kirpili River, 68 km to the North from Krasnodar.

Kuren village Timashevskoye was founded by the Black Sea Cossacks in 1794. Now it’s an administrative center of the Timashevsk district.

Each town has its own stories about the well-known natives, and Timashevsk is not an exception. One of its stories is the very sad. Simple Russian peasant Epistiniya Fiodorovna Stepanova had nine sons. And she has lost all of them: one was brutally killed by White Guards; the others have died at the front of Great Patriotic War. The museum of Stepanov’s family has been opened in memory of their feats in Timashevsk. "Mother", the monument to Epistiniya Stepanova has been erected Memorial Square.

The Holy Spirits monastery is also one of the main sights of the town. The construction of the church began in 1987, and the monastery was open in 1992. The temple has been erected on the suburb of Timashevsk, practically on a bog, as the authorities interrupted earth allocation at that time. Interestingly, some holy fool woman predicted in the fifties the twentieth century appearance of church and monastery on this place.

Besides, there are many architectural monuments in Timashevsk constructed in pre-revolutionary period. Main of them is: one of buildings of regional hospital, the building of Board of Veterans, the Teacher's club, Timashevsk locomotive depot.

Your location: Krasnodar region, Timashevsk