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About Krymsk

Population: 57 ths
Founded: 1862
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 301

The town of Krymsk is located on the bank of Adagum River, 87 km from Krasnodar and 50 km from the Black Sea.

The history of Krymsk began in 1858 when the Crimean fortress was erected. The remains of its walls are located on Krepostnaya Street, and attract many tourists. The Krymskaya village was founded in 1862 which was granted by the status of town in 1958.

Today Krymsk is the small sunny town, with beauty streets and magnificent nature. The town sights will be also interesting for tourists. One of its places of interest is, for example, the museum of local lore where one could learn better the history of Krymsky district. One of the rooms of the museus is devoted to Great Patriotic War events. The building of the museum by itself has the historical value as it was constructed in far 1901.

It will be not less interesting for tourists to visit Michael Archangel church. The high brick-built five-domed temple with a two-level belltower is visible from a distance. The territory of the church is decorated by arbors, beautiful fountain and flowered beds.

One of the most ancient sights of Krymsk, a Karagodeuashkh barrow, is located in the southeast outskirt of the town. This barrow is dated at 4-3 centuries BC. Jewelry of gold, silver and bronze, as well as utensils and armament supplies had been founded in the tomb, which are now stored in the Hermitage.

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