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герб Anapa


Фотографии многоквартирных домов, общественных и административных зданий и достопримечательностей

About Anapa

Population: 67 ths
Founded: 1781
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 866

Anapa is the resort town in southwestern Krasnodar region. It is located on the bank of the Black Sea, on a joint of Caucasus foothills and steppes of Taman Peninsula. The North of the town is surrounded by sandy beaches (their extension is 42 km), shingle beaches are located in the South of Anapa. Anapa is the sunniest town in Russia.

The climate of the Mediterranean type, the eco-friendly sea, mineral waters, unique therapeutic muds (inundable and pseudovolcanic) attract a large number of tourists to Anapa. There are a large number of spa resorts, recreation and retreat centers and hotels in the town. Also the locals lease out their houses in summer months.

The centuries-old relic juniper woods providing town dwellers with ionized air are located near Bolshoy Utrish village.

There is a well-known archaeological memorial estate "Gorgippy" in Anapa where all visitors can see excavation of the Ancient Greek city of the same name (residential quarters, roads, wells, fieldworks). The Gate of the Turkish fortress in Anapa also has been coming down to us.

One more place of interest in Anapa is the dolphinarium where people can view the show of animals.

There are a large number of cafes, bars and restaurants in Anapa, which are capable to gratify the most delicate tastes.

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