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About Sochi

Population: 473 ths
Founded: 1838
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 4593

Sochi is the resort town of Krasnodar Region. It is located on the Black Sea coast of the Western Caucasus. Sochi is a largest resort in Russia, and also the longest among the cities of Russia and Europe (its along-shore extension is about 145 km).

The city has an ancient history. The fort Alexandria was founded in 1838. This fort was renamed Sochi in 1896, which was awarded the status of a city in 1917.

Sochi will host the winter Olympic Games in 2014. Many sports objects are being built now in the city.

The warm subtropical climate, existence of beaches, mineral sources and the picturesque nature attract a large number of tourists to Sochi. Parks and squares occupy about 80% of all territory of the city.

Sights of Sochi aren't less interesting. For example, a dolphinarium located in Adler district. Except the Black Sea bottle-nosed dolphins, white whales, fur seals and sea lions may be seen here.

The largest oceanarium in Russia is located in the city. More than 200 species of fish can be observed here in 29 aquariums.

There is a tower constructed in 1936 at the top of Akhun Mountain, which located in the territory of the Sochi national park. Rising on a stone ladder, the visitors can see the whole city spread before the eyes. Also the magnificent view of the sea and the Caucasus Mountains greets them here. There is an Agur gorge with three waterfalls not far from the tower. From here one can to get the Eagle rocks where, according to the legend, Prometheus was chained.

Sochi has also a lot of architectural monuments. One of them is the Vladimir Ravnoapostolny Cathedral located on Vinogradnaya St., 18. Construction of this cathedral was finished in 2009. Funds for its building have been given both by locals, and by numerous tourists. A bell tower is situated near this church.

Dendrary, the Botanical Garden is the most outstanding tourist attraction of Sochi. The garden has more than 2000 species of rare plants, delivered from different places of the world. S. N. Hudenkov founded this dendrarium in 1892. Today the area of the park makes 49 hectares. Rare animals and birds may be seen among its inhabitants. There is a ropeway in the Garden, so the visitors may be given by a magnificent view of the park and the city.

Riviera is not less well-known park of Sochi. It was founded by V.A.Hludov in 1898. About 240 species of plants grow here. The park is fitted with numerous attractions. Many monuments, sculptures and fountains adorn Riviera. Also an oceanarium and dolphinarium are located here.

Sochi has a large number of sculptures on its streets. Most of them stand on Kurortny Avenue, for example, "Phoenix", "Lion", "Mermaid" and others.

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