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герб 新罗西斯克市

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About 新罗西斯克市

人口: 257 ths
成立年份: 1838
建筑物(房屋)照片: 1180

Novorossiysk is the port city. It’s located in the southwest of Krasnodar region, on the Black Sea coast.

The Tsemes Bay divides Novorossiysk into two parts: east (industrial part) and western (houses and resting places are located here).

The city is divided into four administrative districts: Tsentralny (Central), Vostochny (East), Primorsky (Seaside) and Yuzhny (Southern).

Novorossiysk isn't the resort city; however five health resort areas in its suburb are located in outskirt of Novorossiysk.

There is "The small earth", a memorial complex, in Novorossiysk erected in honor of heroic landing of a kunikovsky descent in February, 1943. The monument symbolizes the fighting ship. There is a sculptural composition "Landing troops" on the left board. On the right one there is a bas-relief with fragments of battles for the Small earth. Visitors, who have come to the memorial, can be greeted by the Gallery of fighting glory. Thirty portraits of Heroes of the Soviet Union, and also standards containing names of forces protecting the Small earth are placed here.

On Sovetov Street the planetarium named after Yury Gagarin functioning since 1961 is located. The room holds 59 people; the "small Zeiss" is located in the middle, reproducing an exact map of the heavens. This is the only planetarium in Krasnodar region.

One of the main city sights is the concrete embankment which bears a name of admiral Serebryakov, one of founders of Novorossiysk. The embankment is stretched along the west bank of Tsemes Bay. It’s very long, wide and beautiful, with a large number of benches and lamps. The embankment is decorated by flower beds with fragrant roses, and also by numerous monuments and sculptures to many famous persons. The fountains located directly in the sea make also the great impression on people. There is a magnificent view of the city from the embankment.

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